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Every member of Ethnos is an essential part of the life and mission of the community; a true spiritual community has everyone contributing their God given gifts and passions. Some are called to organize, lead, and oversee particular areas of life and ministry - at Ethnos these people are called the Servant Team. Others are called to lead and oversee the health of the entire group - at Ethnos these people are called the Elders Team.

Yucan Chiu

Church Planting Pastor

Profile image of Tim Buechsel

Tim Buechsel

Lead Pastor, Elder (Staff)

Tim was born and raised in Germany but spent his senior year in high school and college years in the United States. His wife Isabel is from El Salvador, and right after they married Tim and Isabel moved to Weimar Germany for Tim to serve as a Youth & Young Adults Pastor there. They then lived in Hong Kong for five years where Tim served initially as a youth pastor and later on as as a Associate Pastor at Evangelicla Community Church (ECC). During his time in Hong Kong Tim completed his Doctor of Ministry degree. Since moving back to the US in 2013, Tim has been serving as a pastor at Ethnos Community Church. 

Profile image of Scott Eng

Scott Eng

Pastor, Elder (Staff)

Scott grew up as a 5th generation Chinese American in the church that his father led. There he met his wife Lydia, who is also Chinese American. Scott is a native southern Californian, and his search for a church that embraced both his cultures led him & Lydia to Ethnos Church, where Scott served first as a resident intern and now as a Pastor.

Profile image of Amy Oba

Amy Oba

Administrator (Staff)

Amy is biracial and grew up as 4th generation Japanese American and Caucasian in California. She came to San Diego for college, and when she graduated became the Administrator for Ethnos. Amy also recently married her husband Tyler, who attended Ethnos as well while they were both in college.

Profile image of Eric Lige

Eric Lige

Worship Director (Staff)

Eric, born in Birmingham, Alabama, spent most of his early years living between Lake Charles, Louisiana and Birmingham. As a musician, his pursuit of multiethnic worship music has taken him to different countries throughout the world. His journey eventually led him to San Diego, California where he became Worship Director at Ethnos.

Profile image of Kirsty Scott

Kirsty Scott

Children's Director (staff)

Kirsty grew up in the Philippines and moved to Jordan to work with children. While there, she met her husband Daniel. Together they moved to Turkey and, for the sake of their kids, eventually relocated to San Diego where they connected with Ethnos Community Church and where Kirsty became Children's Director.

Profile image of Salvador Lemus

Salvador Lemus

Youth Director

Salvador grew up in Los Angeles and came to San Diego for school, where he got plugged in at Ethnos. Sal recently graduated from UCSD and is serving as Youth Director at Ethnos.

Alan Sun

InterVarsity Area Director

Anna Sun

InterVarsity Staff

David Rideout

Community Group Leader

Franciska Van Den Esker

Mommy & Me Community Group Leader

Igor Maricic

Sunday Visual Team

Martha Harber

Vision Team

Jackie Andrada

InterVarsity Staff

Raphael Melgar

Community Group Leader

Aileen Chang

Finance Team, Community Group Leader

Gerco den Hartog

Vision Team, Elder

Lina Marcic

Vision Team

Christine Montelongo

Vision Team

Austin Montelongo

Vision Team

Tracy Chow

Community Group Leader


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