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Ethnos Publications

Getting to Know the Bible

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Is Genesis History or Myth, Fact or Fiction?
How Does Science Fit in With Genesis 1?
Did the Flood Actually Happen?

Did the Exodus Story Ever Happen?
Is There Proof of the Plagues in Egyptian History?
Plagues Chart
Was the Last Supper a Passover Meal? (a paper)

The 5 Offerings Chart in Leviticus
Understanding clean and unclean in Leviticus
Leviticus and Homosexuality

How is Jesus God?
Making Sense of the Different Resurrection Accounts.

Is Luke's Account of the Census Historically Accurate?

Did the Virgin Birth Actually Happen?
Are Matthew's and Luke's Genealogies Contradictory?


Bible, General
Understanding the Bible
How Do We Hear God Speak?

Old Testament
Old Testament Gospel Outline by Olivier Melnick
Background information for Ecclesiastes
Old Testament Timeline

New Testament
Translation controversy with John 1:1

Other Religions
Exclusivism, Inclusivism, Pluralism - summary chart
6 Facets of Cultural Differences

Gossip and Slander Covenant
What is the role of Elders, Pastors and Overseers?

Tough Questions

Jesus and the political options of his day
A brief survey of the Bible verses about homosexuality
What are tongues, prophecies, and the other "supernatural" gifts?
How should we relate to the social/political issues of our day?
Colossians 3:18-4:1 - Does the Bible condone gender oppression and slavery?
Science in the Christian Worldview - lecture notes from David Minh
The Christian and Ecology, a talk by Dr. John Mustol
The Christian and Ecology, handout by Dr. John Mustol
Christian Ethics and Ecology paper, by Dr. John Mustol
Are the Gospels historically reliable? by Edmond Chen
Is it rational to believe in miracles? by Dr. Dante Bortone

Church and Mission

Healthy Missional Churches in an University Town 
Asking for God's Heart for the city 
Pursuing Transformation in UC 
Buidling Multicultural Relationships: Six Facets of Cultural Differences
The Cultural Cuntinuum 

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