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Ethnos Parent Resource Hub

Hey Parents!

Thank you for trusting us in your parenting journey!

We believe every parent wants to be a better parent, including you! 

We want to tell you that we understand that parenting is hard, but you're doing great! Do not be discouraged! No matter what season of life you are in, you are not alone. Know that we are here for you!

Here at Ethnos, we believe EVERY parent should have access to resources. We have created this resource hub to support your family better!

So please, take a look around. Download what you need. If you encounter any troubles or have any questions, email Pastor Mariah at & she will get back to you as soon as possible!

Soon we will have many hard-copy resources located in our Sunday welcome cart! 

Conversation Guides 

At Ethnos, we understand that parents have to prepare for the big & (sometimes uncomfortable) talks with their kids. We also know that figuring out timing, what to say, and how to approach it can be challenging. That's where these Conversation Guides below will help! As a church, we want to help you by giving you these resources to help you with the most important conversations you will ever have with your kids. Below are many topics, but if you can't find a topic you need, please reach out to Pastor Mariah. 

Sexual Integrity:                                                                Technology:

Sexual Integrity- Preschool                                                 Technology- Preschool

Sexual Integrity- Elementary                                              Technology- Elementary

Sexual Integrity- Middle School                                         Technology- Middle School

Sexual Integrity- High School                                             Technology- High School


Faith:                                                                                      Anxiety:                                                        

Faith- Preschool                                                                   Anxiety- Preschool

Faith- Elementary                                                                 Anxiety- Elementary

Faith- Middle School                                                            Anxiety- Middle School

Faith- High School                                                                 Anxiety- High School


Crisis:                                                               Bullying Guide for ALL ages                    

Crisis- Preschool

Crisis- Elementary                                        

Crisis- Middle School

Crisis- High School