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Being a Part of Ethnos


Everyone who comes to Ethnos is considered “family." It's a bit like going over to a friend's house and having them say, “Make yourself at home. My house is your house!” Our hope is that anyone and everyone feels loved and accepted– like they belong. Sort of like how many, especially the irreligious type, must have felt when they were around Jesus.

At the same time, looking at the life and teaching of Jesus, we realize that following Him had some definition as well. Jesus himself said that following Him meant treasuring Him above all else, joining Him in His mission of love and more. In other words, being part of Jesus’ community involves some defining. At Ethnos, that defining happens in a process we call “membership."

What’s Involved in “Membership?"

The membership process involves two key steps:

  1. Meeting with a key leader in our community so they can get to know you.
  2. Embracing Jesus’ vision for community, as expressed in our Member Covenant, which is given out at our quarterly Membership Classes. 

The process is, of course, a process. Being a member is not about being a “perfect” follower of Jesus. It's about coming together, knowing each other and joining together in following after Jesus.

We look forward to doing this together!